Used Reality 1.2

Used Reality 1.2 1.2

Used Reality 1.2 - application the purpose of which to make...

Used Reality 1. 2 - application the purpose of which to make 3D modeled scene from photographs with real time rendering based on OpenGL. Special OpenGL modeling tools enable authentic scene look.

Final goal is to make scene from photographs in which viewer moves and inspects like in real world. Therefore name Used Reality is chosen because things from real world are modeled, have almost the same form on computer.

Moving and sightseeing are enabled like in real world. Used Reality is program that represent OpenGL modeling based on photographs. You can construct the Place from taken photographs.

Photographic technique is simple because You take planar pictures (aim the camera as close as to right angle in front of subject) of walls, stairs, paintings, floors, etc.

Taken pictures are base for objects you will construct the place. What is that mean? It mean that yours scene will be almost same as place you have been!

For instance, Museums have same walls, stairs, floors, roofs,. but they change the exhibitions. In Used Reality you can build whole interior and exterior from taken pictures.

This can represent the Base;. In that Base, you can put your exhibition from taken or scanned pictures, or that museum can produce many virtual exhibitionsoriginating from real exhibitions.

Thus, many people can walk through and examine the exhibition in same way like they had been there! When people travel to some place, many of them send postcards and take pictures.

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Used Reality 1.2


Used Reality 1.2 1.2

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